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Sushi Meals

    Specialty Rolls
    Chef Specialty Rolls

Steamed soy beans, lightly seasoned

Spring Rolls                                                           
Vegetable wrapped in spring roll skin 
deep fried and served with sweet & tangy sauce

Age Dashi Tofu                                                     
Fried until crispy and served with a dipping sauce

Yakitori Chicken
Chargrilled Chicken skews with scallions with Japanese sweet sauce

Fried Gyoza                                                           
Pork dumplings deep fried to a golden brown

Green Mussels                                                       
Baked with a seasoned mayonnaise sauce

Beef Negimaki
Seared steak slightly grilled, thinly sliced, with scallions rolled inside, 
glazed with sweet sauce

Fried Oyster                                                           
Lightly breaded fried oyster served with house sauce

Dynamite Shrimp                                 
Tender shrimp, deep fried to golden brown and Tossed in our spicy lava sauce

Sushi Sampler                        
One piece of tuna, one piece of shrimp and a California roll

Sashimi Sampler        
Two pieces of salmon, tuna, and white fish

Tuna Tataki          
Seared rare tuna, thinly sliced, served chilled with a ponzu sauce

Batter-dipped, served with special Japanese dipping sauce
Shrimp & Vegetable  
All Shrimp  

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